i am simply a fangirl that is all
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i’m one of those annoying people who’s always like “omg i know that actor from somewhere omg i recognize them whAT WERE THEY IN” when watching tv shows/movies who then proceeds to look it up on their phone and inform everyone that said actor was an extra in an episode of some stupid 90s sitcom once

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Robert admiring Gwyneth in the suit.

I get tingly over Pepper in the suit and saving Tony’s helpless, reckless ass

"We are so lucky, Chris. We get to act opposite these awesome, talented, and incidentally brutally attractive women."

"Brutally, Robert?"

"It’s painful how great Paltrow is. Doesn’t it hurt, watching Scarlett do her thing?"

"You have a strange relationship to your work. And maybe to women."

"Yeah, but I’m making it work for me."

[RDJ Advises Chris Evans On His Life Choices]

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I actually tell my students this all the time. Watch a kid learning how to walk, and don’t tell me that’s not hard. And you DID that. At one point, the hardest thing you could imagine was learning how to write your name. You don’t remember the struggle anymore, but you got through it and now you don’t even think about it. Now writing your name is considered the easiest thing we can ask you to do. 

So don’t beat yourselves up too much. You’ve already done great things. You didn’t do them easily. You worked hard. Keep working hard, and you’ll do more great things. Promise.